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Case Studies


Rack Room Shoes

Recognizing that its website did not match its market position as an “upscale discount” footwear retailer, Rack Room Shoes reached out to agencyQ to create an more interactive and engaging online experience through a series of digital marketing efforts aimed at driving in-store traffic and purchases. The campaign won the 2009 Interactive Media Award.

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Case Study: National Cherry Blossom Festival

After 10 years with the same website, the National Cherry Blossom Festival came to agencyQ for a redesigned online presence that embodied the fresh, vivid and energizing elements of the National Cherry Blossom Festival brand, while detailing the Festival’s diverse programming centered around traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty and community spirit.

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Case Study: CLASP

CLASP came to agencyQ with a dated site design and platform that did not allow for further expansion. agencyQ was responsible for the implementation of a solution that would allow CLASP to better manage content.

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Responsive Web Design: What you Need to Know

Take a minute and look at your site’s analytics.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Now, pay special attention to your unique monthly visitors (UMVs). Where are they coming from? How did they land on your site? Those numbers represent an evolving mobile trend that is changing the way consumers access the web every day.

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Drupal Security Flaw

Drupal Fixes Critical Security Flaw

Drupal has released a patch to fix a bug in the content management system (CMS) that left exposed user sites vulnerable to SQL injection. SQL injection is a method hackers use to steal information from your database by injecting SQL statements into a site to get sensitive data.

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